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Transnational History
Transnational Approaches and Multi-perspective Methods in History Teaching

An ERASMUS+ project for adult education as a cooperation of seven partners from six European countries

Duration of the project: 2021–2023

The project looks into the matter of how in Europe history can be taught against the background of the heterogeneous ethnic/national composition of learning groups. Apart from long-established ethnic minorities, globalization has contributed to migration within Europe but also to migration from non-European countries to the EU. In addition, there are refugees from different parts of the world who were received in the member countries.

Most people in the European education system have a variety of transnational experiences that have no place in a narrowly defined national history lesson. Historical events and developments must be processed and taught from a transnational and multiple perspective point of view.

The aim of the project is to test different methods of teaching history that take into account transnational and multi-perspective issues and to develop guidelines for teaching. The methods combine approaches from the social sciences and the humanities with artistic forms of expression, in form of video clips, an exhibition and a theatre performance.


The basis for this are biographical interviews with contemporary witnesses - based on the approach of oral history. The project focuses on conducting, processing and editing biographical interviews for exhibitions, video clips and theatre productions.

The elaborated method recommendations as well as the methodological approaches summarized in a method guide will be available on the project method platform

Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership, No 2020-1-AT01-KA204-078112.

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